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chaseee123's Journal

3 May 1990
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I'm chase and I'm kind of an all over the place person. I can be very random at times, yet other times I am extremely laid back and slow. I'm friends with just about anybody whose presence doesn't annoy me........I don't perfectly fit in with any social group, I like them all in some ways! I graduated 2nd in my class at AGHS and I played on the school tennis team. I was also the president of HOSA and am in the National and CTE Honors Society. I love to get together with the guys and play tennis or pool, or just spend time with any of my friends in general! My friends and family are the most important things in my life. I work at an Andy's and I am a junior at East Carolina University. Most of my time that is not spent working, going to class/studying, or sleeping I am with friends. But I am trying to get more creative with music and art in the little spare time that I have recently.

Thats all for now. I definitely don't update this thing often, but I try to keep a tab on things happening in my life and how I feel about them up here. (For me to look back on later)I don't post "what I did today" up here. That is what Facebook is for......lemmie know if u wanna know anything else!!! Im all for making new friends but just know that my entries are probably not that interesting to others since it mainly functions as my actual "diary" of sorts. If your interesting though maybe we could be penpals. haha